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Welcome to my Journal

twitter: @girlrocksnature
tumblr: multiplefangasms
email: maturegirlrocks (at) gmail (dot) com    (yes that is with an 'm')
fanfiction.com http://www.fanfiction.net/~naturegirlrocks

AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/users/naturegirlrocks

Renovation in progress

Title: Renovation in progress for hd_cliche
Author: naturegirlrocks
Rating: R
Cliche: Draco helping Harry renovating Grimmauld place.
Words~ 4700
Notes: Sorry I'm a bit late. My wifi is not happy with me at the moment.

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My video blog

My first try at a video blog. Let's see if I can keep this up.

Not happy

Stupid update on my stupid phone erased all my WIP's.


The Game Is Afoot - a short story

Title: The Game Is Afoot
Author: Naturegirlrocks
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: G
Note: s3ws3
Summary: John wants to play a game to get to know Sherlock again.

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Looking for things to do.


Are there any promt-fests or gift-exchanges going on around here at the moment?
I only have about seven WIP's going on and I need something to do to get me back on track. Thank you!

Rise of Sherlock

Title: The Rise of Sherlock
Fandoms: Sherlock BBC, Rise of the Guardians
Parings: Sherlock/John, Pitch/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Summary:John wakes up to find a living dead man in his bed and a frost spirit on his sofa, it's the beginning of a new adventure that will test his believes to the limit of sanity.
Chapters: 15
Words: 40.000+

AN: This is one of the stories that I wrote during my LJ hiatus.

Read it here (AO3)

I'm back! (hopefully)

I have had about a year away from LJ, but have now decided to return (yay)

Why have I been gone? Honestly, I discovered new fandoms like Sherlock, Avengers, and some other stuff (like another blue-theamed community page that shall be unnamed). LJ for me a year ago was Harry Potter. Not that I don't like Harry Potter anymore, I LOVE IT, but I needed to explore new ground. It was not you LJ, it was me!

I have now decided to explore new sides of LJ as well.

So those of you who has been patient (or lazy enough not to remove me) and still follow me after this year THANK YOU! And be ready for a more varied fandoms from me In the future.
[Here have a picture of my dog!]IMG_4537

One a day, day 3

Title: Bird watching
Fandom: Sherlock BBC, kid!lock
Day 3: Funeral
Note: "I'm going to bury him later, after the experiment is done. Please, please, please, mummy?!"


One a day, Day 2

Title I'm here
Artist: Naturegirlrocks
Rating: G

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